A personalized care experience designed to slow Alzheimer's.

Foxtrot Health is the new standard-of-care to change how we manage Alzheimer's and related dementias.
Alzheimer's research has made significant breakthroughs in recent years. We now understand that for many people Alzheimer's is a disease that can be managed. Foxtrot Health strives to maximize a patient's independence and to reduce the effort required from family caregivers.

Personalized care

Many Alzheimer's patients struggle to access the standard of care they require. The Foxtrot Health platform is easily accessible and personalized to each patient. We make the latest cognitive health research easily available for everyone.

Maximize activity to slow disease progression

A growing body of research papers have shown that activity (physical, mental, and social) is associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's and is associated with slower disease progression. Foxtrot Health works with each patient to promote and optimize activity.


Foxtrot Health believes technology is a powerful tool to track and improve patient outcomes. Wearable technology for health tracking is set to reshape health care in two big ways: personalized treatment and the management of chronic disease. Each promises to lower costs and save lives. Foxtrot Health uses a wearable device for tracking sleep and exercise and a continuous glucose monitor for tracking diet. We make progress reports easy to understand by delivering them over a smart speaker.

Therapies that mimic the benefit of exercise

Recent research has highlighted several therapies that can mimic the benefits of exercise. These therapies increase circulation, oxygenation, and are anti-inflammatory- amongst a host of other benefits. We recommend these therapies based on the unique needs of each patient. They can enhance recovery to help patients be more active the next day (activity is always our ultimate goal).

Cognitive Testing

We use frequent cognitive testing to show patients how they have slowed the disease. This information is critical to success. Early studies have shown that active individuals can slow dementia by 50% or more. That means a disease that would have taken 10 to 20 years to progress now takes 20 to 40. This is an incredible extension, but patients will still have to live with some symptoms during this time. Our testing is a constant reminder of the improvements they are making.

Family integration

Alzheimer's is a burdensome disease. Family members frequently become caregivers for their loved one. Foxtrot Health helps alleviate some of this stress, by providing families with as much information as possible. Patients can select what progress they want shared with their family. This information helps families understand how their loved one is doing.

One disease with multiple causes

Healthcare professionals are starting to understand that Alzheimer's is potentially one disease with multiple causes. Toxins, inflammation, insulin resistance, genetics, and cardiac risk factors can all play a role. Mixed dementia (a combination of dementia types such as Alzheimer's, vascular, and Lewy body) is potentially more prevalent than previously thought. Foxtrot Health believes in a precision medicine approach where we attempt to understand what factors contribute to each patient’s disease and address these individually.

Foxtrot Health is changing how we care for Alzheimer's

We believe patients can live long and fruitful lives even with the disease.