Cognitive Assessments Simplified, Your Health Prioritized.

Check your cognition early and often. The potential for improvement and maintenance is vast.

Digital Screener

Simple, reliable and easily accessible digital cognitive assessments are game-changers in healthcare—breaking down barriers, enabling early detection, and paving the way for timely interventions in cognitive health.
Simple to use, reliable results
Easy to access
Help detect cognitive changes as early as possible

Medical History

Understanding a patient's medical history is of paramount importance, as it provides vital context and can illuminate potential factors contributing to cognitive changes, enabling a more comprehensive and accurate assessment.
Cognitive changes can occur for a variety of reasons
Some causes are relatively simple to address
Early cognitive testing helps identify potential causes

Family Member Interviews

Family members often notice cognitive changes first due to their close, consistent interactions with the individual, allowing them to spot subtle changes in behaviour, memory, or thinking that may be early indicators of cognitive changes.
Easy, friendly interactions with family members
Safely share updates with your family
Early intervention begins with the family

Track Changes Over Time

Regularly tracking cognition over time is critical as it allows for early detection of potential cognitive decline or disorders, thereby facilitating timely intervention and potentially slowing the progression of such conditions.
Assess cognition often with an endless variety of assessments
See cognition trends over time
Personalized understanding of your own cognition
“My family has witnessed numerous cases of dementia. These straightforward assessments for early screening are truly fantastic.”
Vanessa Daily
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